Solflower Computers Inc.

  • Industrial PC SystemIntroducing the new Industrial PC by Solflower - a very high performance hybrid PC built to function as a server and workstation and equipped to run Solaris x86/Linux/Windows.
  • VME Sub System VME Sub System - Integrates VME applications, products and peripherals to connect with Solaris x86 systems
  • VME-PCI/CompactPCI/PCIeSolflower's VME-PCI/CompactPCI/PCIe - designed to maximize the performance and value of Sun legacy hardware.

Welcome to Solflower Computer, Inc.

With the fast pace of technological changes in today's high-end computing world, it has become an ever increasing challenge for Sun users to keep up with the latest hardware standards.

Due to these rapid changes, the life cycle of a typical Sun workstation has been significantly shortened. This is precisely where Solflower products can add tremendous value. As with the last 20 years, Solflower specializes in building bridges between legacy and new hardware devices for the Sun workstation - allowing customers to simultaneously take advantage of the latest innovations and maximize the return on their investment in existing hardware.


Solflower Vizion Industrial PC

Solflower provides a full range of Sun peripherals, VME-PCI converters, Industrial
PCs & more


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Solflower provides timely technical support
and consulting services for all Oracle/SUN peripherals and add-on products


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