About Us

Founded in Silicon Valley in 1989, Solflower Computer was started by two former senior Sun engineers with the vision of extending the lifetime value of the Sun workstation. Since then, Solflower has been designing, manufacturing and marketing Sun add-on products to defense contractors, equipment manufacturers and Sun end users worldwide. Solflower's customized solutions including the Sbus-VME, VME-PCI and CompactPCI-VME adapters have been deployed in mission-critical applications across industries.

Solflower's products have been widely featured in the press - UNIX Today, Sun World and the San Jose Mercury News. Solflower won the Best Product Finalist award at Comdex in 1992 for its storage switch Cross Bar. Voted the most innovative product of its time, the Cross Bar allowed up to sixteen Sun SPARC workstations to access data without going to through the network.

In 2006, Solflower introduced its newest product line - the Industrial PCs. Optimized for industrial performance and affordability, these PCs combine the power of a Sun workstation with the cost efficiency of the PC to make user applications easier and less costly to manage in today's market.

With the Industrial PCs added to its product line, Solflower continues to provide a full range of Sun add-on products and support services to its established customers worldwide. With the ongoing development of new and cost effective products, Solflower is very much committed to meeting the fast changing custom requirements of its customers moving forwards.

Solflower logo printed on PCB