SP-PCIe Serial Port Adaptor

General Info

The Solflower PCI-e16SRL-2CN Serial Adapter allows 8 to 16 serial devices to be connected to a host system with 1x (or wider) PCI Express slot. The Serial Port Adapter can operate simultaneously with each port's error-free data rate up to 15 Mbps for all 8 through 16 ports. The Serial Port Adapter and its Driver are designed to work with SPARC Solaris™, X86 Solaris™, Window 98 - XP, Linux Operating System.

PCI-e16SRL-2CN Serial Adapter

Product Features


  • 16 serial ports available from one PCIe slot
  • Comes with DB 9 or 25 octopus cable
  • Data transfer rate up to 15 Mbps asynchronous,full duplex, simultaneously on all ports
  • Full modem supports on all ports
  • 128 bytes data buffer on each channel
  • On board hardware and software flow control all ports
  • Driver supports SPARC, Solaris, X86 Solaris,Window 98-XP, and Linux

Product Photos

  • PCIe Serial Port 16
  • PCIe Serial Port 16 Back
  • PCIe Serial Port 16 Side
  • PCIe Serial Port 16

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