StarGen PCIe Host Adapter

General Info

SgPCIe-VME from Solflower Computer, Inc. allows existing 6U form factor VME modules to be used with the StarGen Fabric network. The SgPCIe-VME makes use of flexible SG2010 PCI-PCI expansion via CAT6 cables in conjunction with the PCI-VME Tundra VME-64bit interface. The SgPCIe-VME has an advantage of providing high data transfer and a Solaris driver which allows existing Sun-4 VME software to be used transparently in the most applications.

Stargen Host Adapter

Product Features


  • Fully compatible to PCI Express bus specification 1.0
  • Extends existing PCI-VME systems distances across the rack up to 40' via CAT 6 cable
  • Scalable up to 256 PCI slots at 33/66Mhz
  • Supports 32/64bit, PCIe, PMC, and 6U VME format
  • Integrates with Sun's PCI and PCIe software subsystems, resulting in a transparent environment for running PCI or PCIe devices
  • Bus segments may be taken on ON or OFFLINE, even to the point of powering them on or off
  • Dynamic addition and removal of software instances of devices
  • Multicast Group allows data from a source edge node to be propagated simultaneously to multiple destination edge nodes
  • Sun4 VME driver compatible

Product Photos

  • Stargen Host Adapter
  • Stargen Host Adapter Back
  • Stargen Host Adapter Side

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