PCI-VME Flat Cable

General Info

The Solflower PCI-VME Adapter enables the Sun Ultra PCI-based workstation to connect to a wide range of existing VMEbus peripherals. The adapter includes a Solaris™ 10 software driver which allows peripheral devices on the VMEbus to interact transparently with the host. All software written for current VME applications can be utilized without modification in the Solaris 10 environment. Similar to the StarGen PCI-VME, the flat cable provides a more sturdy and efficient data transfer between Oracle/Sun products and PCI. The PCI-VME comes with the flat connector cable ranging from 1.5' to 6' in length.

PCI to VME Flat Cable

Product Features


  • Cable ranges from 1.5' to 6'
  • Connects two platforms together for a high powered output

Product Photos

  • PCI-VME Flat Cable
  • PCI-VME Flat Cable 2
  • PCI-VME Flat Cable SCSI Connectors


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